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Posted by kinasepro on April 15, 2007

Don’t be jealous just because your not here. AACR ’07 has some webcasts too.

AMG-273 MultiKinase Amgen
AMG-706 Vegf Amgen
AMN-107 Abl Novartis
ARQ-197 selective c-Met Arqule
AS-703569 Aurora A Merck Serono
AT-7519 CDK Astex
AT-9283 Aurora A B / JAK2/Abl Astex
AV-412 EGFR Aveo
AZD-0530 src/abl AstraZeneca
AZD-1152 Aurora B AstraZeneca
AZD-2171 pan-VEGF AstraZeneca
AZD-6244 Mek1/2 Array / AZ
BMS-582664 VEGF and FGF BMS
CE-245,677 Tie2 Pfizer
CGP-76030 Src Pfizer
CYC-202 CDK2,7,9 Cyclacel
GFB-204 Vegf Pdgf Tigris Pharma
GSK-461364 plk1 GSK
INNO-406 abl/lyn Innovive
Ki-23057 FGF Kirin
KX-O1 Src Kinex
LY-2401401   Lilly
LY-317615 PKC Lilly
MP-529 Aurora A Supergen
NVP-AEW541 IGF-IR Novartis
PD-0325901 Mek Pfizer
PF-2362376 c-Met Pfizer
PF-371,989 Tie2 Pfizer
PF-562,271 Fak Pfizer
PHA-739358 Aurora Nerviano
PHA-665752 c-Met Nerviano
PKC-412 PKC Novartis
PX-866 pi3k Biomira
SF-1126 pi3k Semafore
SGX-523 c-Met SGX pharma
SKI-606 Src/Abl Wyeth
SNS-314 Aurora A B Sunesis
TKI-258 multi-target’ Novartis
VX-680 Aurora Vertex / Merck
WP-1066 JAK2 Callisto
ZD-6474 Vegf/EGF AstraZeneca
ZK-261991 Vegf  
ZM-447439 Aurora AstraZeneca

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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Posted by kinasepro on January 8, 2007

Webcasts available here.

miniregistration may be required

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