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Aurora dev compounds

Posted by kinasepro on January 22, 2007

Crimson Canary has a Rockin spreadsheet on Aurora inhibitors in development.

assuming she finds her way back here she can add the Nerviano structures:


(smiles in the image description)

Note the structure Keri’ has for PHA-739358 is really the other one. I think it was J Med Chem 2006, 49(24), 7247 – 7251 that dropped the strcutures.

3 Responses to “Aurora dev compounds”

  1. kinases rule said

    Urea definitely not moving forward. Looks like nerviano gave up on selectivity and went for profile

  2. Thank you, I am glad you found it useful. And thanks also for sending my blog stats rocketing today 🙂

    I did see your posts on these compounds but was a little confused as to which was the correct structure. I’ll add them in now that you have kindly made it clear to me. (I did think about emailing you – but decided against it!)

    Oh, and by the way, Crimson Canary is a she not a he 🙂

  3. kinasepro said

    My bad, fix’d the gender preconception.

    Email me anytime, I live for this stuff. Plus, there’s this Nigerian Prince that stopped responding to my emails freeing up a fair amount of my time…

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