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Biogen Nominated…

Posted by kinasepro on July 14, 2009

… A RAF candidate & Sunesis got a milestone,

In August 2004 the companies entered into a collaboration to discover and develop small molecule cancer therapeutics targeting kinases, a family of cell signaling enzymes that play a major role in the progression of cancer. The research term of this collaboration ended in June of 2008. Sunesis retains an option to participate in the co-development and co-promotion of the Raf kinase inhibitor resulting from this collaboration.

Likely derived from WO/2009/006389WO/2009/006404


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Biogen’s new stuff

Posted by kinasepro on May 30, 2007

So what is going on with TGF-β anyhow. GSK WO/2002/062794 , Lilly WO/2002/094833, WO/2004/050659, & WO/2005/092894, Biogen WO/2004/072033, and Pfizer (WL) WO/2004/026306 have all been playing in the pyrazole / TGF sandbox but all I’ve seen is some pretty pictures and a few J. Med Chem.’s

Biogen’s got a new one with WO/2007/059359, but not a single mention in during “R&D day.” 😦 Its either supersekrit, or DOA.


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