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Posted by kinasepro on June 18, 2009

TAK-901 is Takeda’s ph1 Aurora B kinase inhibitor & US20090156557 suggests its:O=C(C1=C(C)C2=C(C(C3=CC=CC(S(=O)(CC)=O)=C3)=C1)C4=CC(C)=CN=C4N2)NC5CCN(C)CC5


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Posted by kinasepro on May 2, 2009

Millenium’s beta-carboline’s aren’t new, but the structure of the Phase one IKK-B inhibitor hasn’t been released afaik.  Currrently in the Takeda pipeline via last years takeover.


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Takeda’s got PLK1

Posted by kinasepro on April 2, 2009

WO/2009/042806 & WO/2009/042711


process app.

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Posted by kinasepro on April 1, 2009

aka Tandutinib is Takeda’s Ph2 FLT3, cKIT, PDGFR inhibitor Blood.


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Takeda’s got…

Posted by kinasepro on September 24, 2008

a Jnk3 BMCL:

2ZDT and 2ZDU …reminds of 2R9S

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Takeda w/ more-a Aurora

Posted by kinasepro on April 23, 2007

Takeda has been looking at compounds similar to vx-680 for a while now, and the same group now has WO/2007/044779. The pretty colors give an idea whats going on, but frankly we all suck at drawing squishy things… for now your stuck with pymol!


2BFY shows a sulfonamide down thereabout in Aurora-B.

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Takeda to BMS: pwned

Posted by kinasepro on January 6, 2007

So if your on the Aurora program at BMS you had to be a little disturbed when you saw US2006084650 with a priority date of: Oct 15, ’04 come out back in April ’06 as your earliest provisionals are from July 1 ’05. Who knows maybe there’s enough room in the sandbox for both. Takeda’s primary series appears to be the imidazopyrimidine anyways, but the pyrollo compounds are claimed and exemplified.

CC1=CC(NC2=NC(SC3=CC=C(NC(C4CC4)=O)C=C3)=CC5=NC(CN(C)C)=CN52)=NN1  CC1=CC(NC2=NC(SC3=CC=C(NC(C4CC4)=O)C=C3)=NN5C2=CC=C5)=NN1  CC1=CC(NC2=NC(SC3=CC=C(NC(C4CC4)=O)C=C3)=NC(N5CCN(C)CC5)=C2)=NN1

US20070004734; US20070004731

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