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Posted by kinasepro on May 15, 2009

A likely backup to CG-930, its a Signal discovered JNK inhibitor for which there is a solid forms app: WO/2008/057252


– no mention of stereochemistry –

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Jnk Science

Posted by kinasepro on September 9, 2008

Roche Palo Alto just published 3E7O: JNK2 (7x mutant) bound to an indazole:

Which brings up that nearly two years ago I suggested CC-401 may be from an ’06 Celgene application.  Right flavor wrong compound, the drawn compound is CG-930 (IND filed Dec 18, 2007 – claimed in Ph1 for fibrotic diseases).  As NCI suggests CC-401 is an SP-600125 analog which incidentally is no longer on the CG pipeline.   C12=C(C=C(C=C2)C3=NN=CN3)C(C4=CC(OCCN5CCCCC5)=CC=C4)=NN1

That’s life on the edge for yah.

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Posted by kinasepro on October 27, 2007

Celgene S.D. aka Signal has a series of v600e active thienopyrimidines that also appear to hit the non-kinase PDE4.



(NH2 > S)

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Array: Bag ‘o’ cash en route

Posted by kinasepro on September 25, 2007

40M up front:

…Array will grant Celgene an option to select drugs developed under the collaboration that are directed to two of four mutually selected discovery targets

Looks like unpartnerds include: KSP, P38, P38/tie2, Erbb1-2RAF, TLR’s, etc

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Posted by kinasepro on November 17, 2006

Hi Celgene. Stylish JNK inhibitor you’ve got there. Kinasepro notes that you guys have been on this since WO2002010137, US2004127536, US2005009876, and WO2006058007 with three named compounds (cc930, cc401, and cc359) a little competition from Esai (WO2002083648) and now without a lot of fanfair the publication of this ‘solid forms of a JNK inhibitor’. My guess is that its your phase ii compound:


Since you don’t ask anybody to look at DSC, TGA, XRPD, etc. unless you’ve nominated and you really don’t need to patent the solid forms stuff unless your really confident in the comopund.

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