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Who’s in CA?

Posted by kinasepro on February 26, 2007

No, not Canada, A? SF, CA – Here, have a sequal to the Prague entry: This is what you’re missing at YawnFest ’07, err I mean: the MMTC:

Wyeth talks Src/Abl: SKI-606 (American Cyanamid: WO/2000/018740)


Roche talks P38: R1487


And a former Abbot guy is talkinig LCK: A-770041


all great compounds and yadda yadda, just having a hard time seeing anything new here.

4 Responses to “Who’s in CA?”

  1. nigel said

    As to what’s new, he also showed some new thienyl pyridines with unprecedented selectivity against all src family members

  2. kinasepro said

    Unprecedented! Well thats good. Gavin’s a dynamic speaker… I just thought I recalled him giving this talk 2 years ago.

    Here’s the Bioorg Med Chem Lett on the LCK thienopyridine stuff, and there’s a BMCL on some related Vegf stuff in the same issue also from Abbott.

  3. MattM said

    I’ve been following the Abbott group’s interesting Lck work, I don’t recal seeing this talk before. Did I miss it? The allylic amine on the thienyl pyridines looks like something borrowed from the BI group, only the BI series didn’t show much selectivity as I recall – cute adaptation!

  4. kinasepro said

    Here’s a JPET from ’05 on A-770041 and yah, the series was presented back then minus the thieno angle.


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