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Posted by kinasepro on May 15, 2009

A likely backup to CG-930, its a Signal discovered JNK inhibitor for which there is a solid forms app: WO/2008/057252


– no mention of stereochemistry –

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Roche’s JNK

Posted by kinasepro on April 11, 2009

An awful lot like Takeda’s JNK


Roche: WO/2008/138920; WO/2009/015917
Takeda:  BMCL; WO/2003/068750; WO/2002/062764

I  detect some similarity to SP-600125 within this class, but a cross screen of the older DPPIV inhibitors seem like a more likely origin.

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Posted by kinasepro on April 7, 2009

Published the other stuff.. filed on these:



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Posted by kinasepro on March 4, 2009


Not your grandmothers diaryl urea -> aryl-amino-indazole, 3FI3, & 3FI2 snake around a methionine GK

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Takeda’s got…

Posted by kinasepro on September 24, 2008

a Jnk3 BMCL:

2ZDT and 2ZDU …reminds of 2R9S

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Jnk Science

Posted by kinasepro on September 9, 2008

Roche Palo Alto just published 3E7O: JNK2 (7x mutant) bound to an indazole:

Which brings up that nearly two years ago I suggested CC-401 may be from an ’06 Celgene application.  Right flavor wrong compound, the drawn compound is CG-930 (IND filed Dec 18, 2007 – claimed in Ph1 for fibrotic diseases).  As NCI suggests CC-401 is an SP-600125 analog which incidentally is no longer on the CG pipeline.   C12=C(C=C(C=C2)C3=NN=CN3)C(C4=CC(OCCN5CCCCC5)=CC=C4)=NN1

That’s life on the edge for yah.

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Pfizer’s Jnk

Posted by kinasepro on November 15, 2007

SD’s got a series of Jnk1 inhibitors in WO/2007/125405:


First half of the compounds look about like that one, and Jnk1 data is given…
Second half appear discretely in the claims and look more like Jnk3 inhibitors to me.

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PDB Update

Posted by kinasepro on October 16, 2007

2R9S is Jnk3 bound in an unusual fasion to a quinoline inhbitor:(Reminds me a little of Vertex’s 2ok1) (BMCL)

2NPQ is p38 bound to 2 molecules of octyl-glucoside:


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PDB Update

Posted by kinasepro on April 17, 2007

Abbott’s got an anilinopyrimidine bound to Jnk1 with 2No3; BMCL. Their other JNK1 structure is 2g01

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Posted by kinasepro on December 15, 2006

Hey Keryx, Good luck with the “Akt, MAPK, and JNK” Phase ii. Don’t’ know anything about the compound other then what you tell us: “KRX-0401 (perifosine) is in-licensed by Keryx from Aeterna Zentaris”

Might take a little digging to get at this one.

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