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Posted by kinasepro on March 18, 2009

Vegf, Etc – Boring & Healthy…Tons of Ph2s in HCC but is it better then Sorafenib?

O=C(NC1=CC=C(C=C1)C2=CC=CC3=C2C(N)=NN3)NC4=CC(C)=CC=C4Fno news is good news?


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Posted by kinasepro on September 19, 2007

It’s an Array / Genentech c-Met app:


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Posted by kinasepro on June 26, 2007

Phase 2 on the doorstep, Genentech and Abbott just announced a collaboration to include development of the compound w/ backups. No terms disclosed…


Vegf, Flt3, Tie2, c-FMS, Pdgf, c-kit yadda yadda

j med chem, blood, molec cancer ther., WO/2004/113304

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Posted by kinasepro on April 19, 2007

My guess is XL-518 is in WO/2007/044515.


362 examples, 15 inventors.

IND beating first app is unusual. kudos.
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Tarceva ®

Posted by kinasepro on April 8, 2007

Tarceva ®, erlotinib hydrochloride, OSI-774


Discovery: Pfizer WO/1996/30347. Pfizer turned over the rights to OSI to meet U.S. FTC requirements related to Pfizer’s merger with Warner-Lambert in June 2000. The drug is jointly marketted by Genentech, and OSI.
US Approval: November 2004;

PDB: 1M17

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DNA ‘n’ Aurora

Posted by kinasepro on February 17, 2007

KP first looked at the series back in October when it was Roche flying solo, but US20070037791 appears to be a Roche / Genentech collaboration. While the original series was established in Germany these compounds look to be stamped: Made in California.


Roche app’s: WO/2006/133885, WO/2006/108489, WO/2006/063841, WO/2006/032519, WO/2006/032518

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Posted by kinasepro on January 11, 2007

Helluva week for Genentech

1) Partners up XL518

2) Makes Fortune’s #2

3) Boasts at JP Morgan: ‘We’ve got too much money’

4) Loses a Supreme Court decision vs. Medimmune

5) Submits year end 8k

6) Buys Amphora’s “unnamed” (AKT) program.

…Genentech will purchase Amphora’s entire program for an unnamed oncology target with the potential to treat multiple oncology indications. Other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Not partner mind you: purchase. Amphora’s most recent AKT application is WO/2006/020767. Chiron appears to have the closest AKT examples in WO/2005/095386 included for the helluvit.


>> UPDATE 5/1/07 >> Genentech is now listed as an applicant the Amphora application: WO/2006/020767. Other Amphora ‘ATP-Utilizing Enzyme Inhibitors: ‘WO/2005/033102 & WO/2005/097758 (same inventors)

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DNA #2

Posted by kinasepro on January 9, 2007

not bad.

Amgen: #40, Genzyme: #43, AZ: #71, Your company: not so much.

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Posted by kinasepro on January 4, 2007

>> update >>   An Exelixis Mek application WO/2007/044515 published 4/19/07

So did the IND and deal actually beat the patent application? Either that or I’m missing something, because I can’t find it.

“XL518 is the second Exelixis compound designed to inhibit the RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK pathway with high potency and specificity, and the first to specifically target MEK,”

They’ve got an interesting RAF application in the stable, but I was under the impression that was the one to house the XL281 series.

hat tip: Xcovery, but of course.

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