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A couple things:

1) For the love of God, quit reading this blog if your looking for Medicines. End.

2) I’m flattered that I’ve hit the blogrolls of some preemminent investment websites, but if you’re looking for information to give you an edge to your financial investments, umm… Good luck, but you should realize there may be, err probably are, err…  are material errors on the pages within. While I don’t hold any position in any of the companies mentioned on this site, frankly most of the content herein is early discovery based, while the value that the stockmarket reflects is mostly clinical and drug related. Looking at chemical structures and cLogD’s is almost certainly not going to help you decide when to buy and sell. Good luck anyway!

3) Everything you’ll find here is true, accurate, and publicly available information to the best of my knowledge. If you find anything in any way incorrect, or incomplete please speak up, in the comments or email me.

4) The information contained herein is entirely from the public domain and generally compiled from news releases, corporate websites, the PDB (visualized with Pymol), USPTO, WIPO, and the occasional journal article.

Everything on this website is available for you to use as you wish provided you agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3

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In other words, please reference KinasePro ( as your source if you heard it hear first.

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