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Postcards from Vienna…

Posted by kinasepro on October 1, 2008

Hey look what I got:

Yah, its the disclosure of the discovery of PHA-848125.  Not only that, its a pretty good poster. This also means I was wrong again!

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Posted by kinasepro on October 4, 2007

Nerviano‘s got CDC7 inhibitors…

And they look something like:


07/110344, 07/096334, 07/071621

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Nerviano ‘n CDK

Posted by kinasepro on August 19, 2007

>> Update >> its really PHA-848125

WO/2007/90794 is a CDK inhibitor in combination with yada yada… from Nerviano.  The single compound claimed is pictured and potentially the phase one compound: PHA-793887.


Discovery: Pharmacia IT WO/2004/104007

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WO/2007/009898 (Nerviano)

Posted by kinasepro on January 31, 2007

Nerviano’s been looking at the thienopyrroles since the Pharmacia IT days, but the priority date on this one is 7/05… So whats new I ask? Well, appears they found some ortho substituents that work.


Most notably amides and benzamides
Hmm… See a little quinazoline isostere in these?

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Aurora dev compounds

Posted by kinasepro on January 22, 2007

Crimson Canary has a Rockin spreadsheet on Aurora inhibitors in development.

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Plethora ‘o’ PDB’s

Posted by kinasepro on November 15, 2006

6 good one’s released today:

2J50 PHA-739358 bound to Aurora-2 (Nerviano’s phase 1 compound)


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