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Who’s in CA?

Posted by kinasepro on February 26, 2007

No, not Canada, A? SF, CA – Here, have a sequal to the Prague entry: This is what you’re missing at YawnFest ’07, err I mean: the MMTC:

Wyeth talks Src/Abl: SKI-606 (American Cyanamid: WO/2000/018740)


Roche talks P38: R1487


And a former Abbot guy is talkinig LCK: A-770041


all great compounds and yadda yadda, just having a hard time seeing anything new here.


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DNA ‘n’ Aurora

Posted by kinasepro on February 17, 2007

KP first looked at the series back in October when it was Roche flying solo, but US20070037791 appears to be a Roche / Genentech collaboration. While the original series was established in Germany these compounds look to be stamped: Made in California.


Roche app’s: WO/2006/133885, WO/2006/108489, WO/2006/063841, WO/2006/032519, WO/2006/032518

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Posted by kinasepro on December 8, 2006

Roche Palo Alto is among the stubborn faithful, in not giving up on P38 just yet. Is this application part of the RO4402257 family? Could be, but for one reason or another the Roche P38 compounds haven’t been lighting up the KinasePro interestmeter of late.

These published first a while back: WO2004014907


>> update 12/16: Again KP is a little slow. I’m guessing RO4402257 = R1503?

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Posted by kinasepro on October 25, 2006

Wie Gehts Roche Penzeburg?

This doesn’t otherwise strike Kinasepro as a very crowded chemical space, but it looks as though Roche is stepping a little close to Astex toes on this one… Looks as though Astex borrowed the general idea from Aventis, so hey thats just the way it goes I guess.

There’s a handful of PDB’s such as the 2C3K and 2C3L (CHK1) that suggest how these compounds bind to kinases.

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