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Posted by kinasepro on July 31, 2009

Its a salt form of ENMD-981693…CC1=CC(NC2=NC(/C=C/C3=CC=CC=C3)=NC(N4CCN(CC4)C)=C2)=NN1

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  1. George said

    Interim results so far from the Phase I trial presented at the 2009 ASCO Annual Meeting

    Click to access 2076_slides_ASCO_2009.pdf

    Below is a audio/video slide show regarding ENMD-2076 from a year earlier presented at the 2008 AACR Annual Meeting

    Good luck and GOD bless,


  2. George said

    How many other kinase inhibitors potently affect as many different kinases and cancer types?


    Striking response in just 7 days for AML leukemia:

    “…This patient #106, who has a FLT3-ITD mutation, showed a striking reduction in the percentage of circulating blast cells after 7 days treatment with ENMD-2076….”

    “…A second patient, #120, has a signaling profile very similar to #106,and early follow up indicates that this patient has also had a major response…”

    Click to access enmd_poster_aacr09_p1_leukemia_final_web.pdf


    Including ovarian cancer:

    Watch the video

    “…”I’m excellent, life is fabulous,” she told a nurse at the University of Colorado Cancer Center….”

    “…Thornton and Messersmith were surprised to find the drug known as ENMD-2076 is working well for ovarian cancer patients involved in the study.

    “We have your counts back and they look great,” Messersmith said to Thornton during a checkup.

    “This is what gets us all up in the morning, to see someone take advantage of it and live life to the fullest,” Messersmith said….”


    “…Clinical benefit has been demonstrated with reductions in tumor volume,
    reductions in tumor markers, and improvement in cancer-related symptoms
    in melanoma, renal cell, ovarian, and colorectal cancer patients….”

    Click to access 2076_slides_ASCO_2009.pdf


    Preclinical research looks most promising


    Expect more up to date information about the interim results for ENMD-2076 to be released the first week of June 2010 at this year’s Annual ASCO Meeting.

    Good luck and GOD bless,


  3. George said

    Oh, I almost forgot.

    ENMD-2076 must be doing good in the Multiple Myeloma trial because one year into the trial the US National Institute for Health thru the National Cancer Institute has agreed to fund a grant to study for ENMD-2076 as a treatment for Multiple Myeloma.

    Sherif Shafik Farag NIH-NCI New Multiple kinase target inhibition with EMND-2076 in multiple myeloma 2/1/10 1/31/11 319,550

    Good luck and GOD bless,


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