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Biogen Nominated…

Posted by kinasepro on July 14, 2009

… A RAF candidate & Sunesis got a milestone,

In August 2004 the companies entered into a collaboration to discover and develop small molecule cancer therapeutics targeting kinases, a family of cell signaling enzymes that play a major role in the progression of cancer. The research term of this collaboration ended in June of 2008. Sunesis retains an option to participate in the co-development and co-promotion of the Raf kinase inhibitor resulting from this collaboration.

Likely derived from WO/2009/006389WO/2009/006404


2 Responses to “Biogen Nominated…”

  1. weirdo said

    Too bad there isn’t anyone left at Sunesis to pop a cork.

    Also, hard to argue tethering had much to do with this chemotype . . .

  2. kinasepro said

    I believe the thiazole is Sunesis’ contribution to the field… It’s been underexploited, but noteworthy that subtle variations appear to possibly flip Aurora to Raf. Selectivity for this sort of motif has not been described afaik.

    ex 1

    ex 2

    ex 3

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