Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.


Posted by kinasepro on May 6, 2009

It’s a recent c-Met PDB published via UCB with relevance to my guess for a certain metabolite recently in the news…



4 Responses to “2WD1”

  1. milkshake said

    by the way – look at the pi-stacking with the Tyr in the activation loop, in the BCML paper. I think these ones are derived from the old Sugen stuff too.

  2. kinasepro said


  3. milkshake said

    no its a different one, non oxindole, non-hinge binding, (induces the shift in the activation loop by pi-stacking with Tyr that effectively puts a lid over the ATP-binding site)

    see the comments here:

    • kinasepro said

      Slightly different conformation, but it’s the same TYR in 2RFS (its a typo in the img) that my artwork attempted to show the stacking of… SU-11274 also shows a sulphonamide which is interesting.

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