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Posted by kinasepro on September 3, 2008

Plexxikon’s Ph1 in healthy volunteers underway with plans for and pain and PKD. They’re not advertising the target, but my guess is c-fms. We’ve been following their earlier cFms / cKkit double-stuff, and its likely they found a group to tune out the Kit, maybe something like: WO/2008/080015

still no partner…


2 Responses to “PLX-5568”

  1. chalker said

    In the patent they talk about inhibiting TrkA as a treatment for pain so I reckon they have a FMS/cKit/TrkA inhibitor and are going for the TRKA indication which may be easier to achieve than chasing a FMS disease target. The 6 compounds that they claim have <1uM activity on TrkA are also <1uM on FMS and cKit.
    PS Good to have you back KP!

  2. kynase said

    The PR mentioned “Raf inhibitor”. This one does not seem to be “drug-like”.

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