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Death by SGC

Posted by kinasepro on November 30, 2007

SGC’s got another pre-release, this one’s a ligated DAPK3A; soon to be: 3BHY

striking an impressive pose @ 1.24Å


died and gone to pdb heaven


2 Responses to “Death by SGC”

  1. BRAF.V600e said

    Some nice examples of Ha-bonds to the hinge C=O groups, but without any SAR I would not want to got out on a limb.

  2. rosko said

    That’s sure not your average drug molecule! A piperidine spiro fused to a multiply-substituted beta-carboline ring system, and a stereocenter adjacent to the quaternary center. Except for the chlorines, this looks more like what you’d expect to see in an alkaloid than a drug candidate.

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