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ARRY-797 goes to the dentist…

Posted by kinasepro on November 20, 2007

Promoted to ph2:

to evaluate the efficacy of ARRY-797 in the management of postoperative dental pain…


still no structure disclosed afaik, but likely a cousin of the above.

5 Responses to “ARRY-797 goes to the dentist…”

  1. milkshake said

    I think the reason why would they do it is that there is a quite strong pain to start with so the efficacy is easy to to determine – and the drug is used only for a very short course, hence any potential liver tox problems won’t show up.

    The original Scios indole commpounds went into clinic for exactly the same indication – postoperative dental pain. Supposedly they worked better than Naproxene. But nobody ever heard of these compounds afterwords.

    One has to be careful about the results from small companies- they have to manufacture good news to keep investors happy.

    By the way, a good friend and colleague used to do process work for Array. As I was complaining about the evil Celera management he laughed and said it did not quite comparie…

  2. kinasepro said

    You think this is like that?

    Given the recent BMS structure, I’m less certain…

  3. milkshake said

    Does BMS have a p-38 compound in the clinic? You know, this easily could be a final word on a project that was terminated two years ago.

    Big companies tend to be secretive – even projects that are thoroughly patent-covered often won’t have SAR tables published until the compound is well into clinic.

    By the way, the BMS compounds are quite ugly – there is a better way to simplify Scios compound and inprove its potency. Not that many people would care about it, these days.

  4. kinasepro said

    BMS-582949 is in Ph1 for ra, and Ph2 for psoriasis but this is a compound that PCOP has a hand in and I would be surprised if it were a SCIO-469 analog, but perhaps from: WO/2006/113682.

  5. milkshake said

    It quite interesting – I have heard about the psoriasis application before and it certainly can avoid the unpredictable liver problems.

    The problematic part is that when you are developing compounds for systemic use and then you try to switch them to topical application, your compound may need a re-optimisation.

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