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Steal This Document

Posted by kinasepro on October 10, 2007

You may have noticed the Ro5 tab above. Here’s the spreadsheet.

To the best of my knowledge it’s the most complete list of clinical stage kinase inhibitors in existence. There are bound to be errors and omissions though, so while I of course don’t want anything proprietary please send me references and structures as appropriate. I appreciate the help.


10 Responses to “Steal This Document”

  1. TotallyMedicinal said

    Nice one.

    Cyclacel have a CDK inhibitor (seliciclib) in Phase 2 (although this one seems to have been in the clinic for ever), and a Aurora inhibitor in Phase 1 (CYC-116).

    Seliciclib structure is on wikipedia

  2. TotallyMedicinal said

    PS I don’t see KC706 (Kemia) on your list. But then I didn’t see CYC202, so what do I know…..

  3. Another PI3K inhibitor in Phase 1 is BEZ235 from Novartis, in Vegas

  4. What’s the deal with roscovitine? It’s pretty non-selective. What are the tox issues associated with blocking CDK2? Just curious.

  5. oleg said

    Somehow I can not “steal” ph3 and adv pages.
    I can select, copy and paste ph1 and ph2
    but ph3 and adv rows come as a sinle string without separators…

  6. TotallyMedicinal said

    You got this one?

  7. kinasepro said

    I must plead ignorance in the ways of mTor inhibitors… Thats one kinase you won’t (yet) find anything about here. ;(

    as for the ph3 and a tabs… Try another browser?

  8. TMS said

  9. pf01273 said

    I couldn’t see OSI-906 which is an IGF-1R inhibitor in PI:

  10. singh said

    can’t see the spreadsheet!…
    ALso any way you will be publishing this list (updated 2010)?

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