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Nerviano ‘n CDK

Posted by kinasepro on August 19, 2007

>> Update >> its really PHA-848125

WO/2007/90794 is a CDK inhibitor in combination with yada yada… from Nerviano.  The single compound claimed is pictured and potentially the phase one compound: PHA-793887.


Discovery: Pharmacia IT WO/2004/104007

4 Responses to “Nerviano ‘n CDK”

  1. KP featured in the C&EN Met article. My compliments to you sir.

  2. kinasepro said

    y’know I thought I had a close eye one the literature, but once again ~F(x) beats me to it! Thanks for the tip-off.

  3. ~f(x) said

    I am just the messenger, occasionally delivering one more pebble to the minerologist. What did you think of the article?

  4. kinasepro said

    Well, clearly it is well sourced~

    Seriously though, its nice to see something relevant, without any political overtones in C&EN.

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