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PDB Update

Posted by kinasepro on July 3, 2007

2J0K FAK; Harvard, Cell, 129, 1177
2J0M (companion to: 2J0J, 2J0L)

2PTO P38 F169Y Mutant; Locus Discovery; Biochem;
2PV5 P38 D168G mutant (companions to 2pkj, 2ptj)


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Posted by kinasepro on July 2, 2007

Title’d app is from AstraZeneca and has ’bout 82 thiazoles said to hit c-Fms.


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Chroma Ther. ‘n’ Aurora A

Posted by kinasepro on July 1, 2007

WO/2007/072017 is from ICR and looks a little more polished then the earlier Chroma – quinoline series.


still no candidate though?

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