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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on July 19, 2007

WO/2007/082296 Xtals-EphB4 Scripps
WO/2007/082079 p38 Scripps
WO/2007/081978 c-Met Angion
WO/2007/081901 p38 Scripps
WO/2007/081690 “open conformation” p38 Locus
WO/2007/081630 Egf JnJ
WO/2007/081572 Chk1 Merck
WO/2007/081560 Vegf+ Scripps
WO/2007/080392 Vegf / EGF Domantis
WO/2007/080382 mTor / Pi3k AstraZeneca
WO/2007/080325 FGF agonist Sanofi-Aventis
WO/2007/080324 p38 Sanofi-Aventis
WO/2007/079999 Zentaris
WO/2007/079982 Aurora Schering AG
WO/2007/079826 Merck DE
WO/2007/079820 Tgf-b Merck DE

US20070167621 p38 Pharmacia
US 20070167484 p38 Roche
US20070167471 p38 Roche
US20070167469 Sanofi-aventis
US20070167467 p38 GSK
US20070167466 CDK
US 20070167461 GSK3 Sanofi-aventis
US20070167449 Flt3 Novartis
US20070167443 Tie2? Chemocentryx
US20070167439 Syk Rigel
US20070167413 p38 Orchid
US20070167410 Vegf+ Novartis (GNF)

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