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/. does CDK5

Posted by kinasepro on July 16, 2007

For my read, the story is less that MIT CURES PHEAR! and more that, heh – slashdot picked up a kinase related press release – then proceeded to mangle it. 😦 Nobody tell Derek.

In our study, we employ mice to show that extinction of learned fear depends on counteracting components of a molecular pathway involving the protein kinase Cdk5

MIT Press release; Nature Neuroscience; Falculty page


4 Responses to “/. does CDK5”

  1. milkshake said

    After reading the piece, I would love to “facilitate extinction” of the dunces who wrote it.

  2. Derek Lowe said

    If they can cure my-project-is-clueless fear, then they’ve really got something. Of course, as that post pointed out, many people cure that particular fear by being clueless themselves. . .

  3. Mad Hatter said

    Picopower professors seem to possess femtopower brains

  4. Ummm…so do these people lose their fear because they become complacent and doped?

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