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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on July 5, 2007

WO/2007/075896 p38 Kemia

WO/2007/076474 Raf Kalypsys
WO/2007/076473 Raf Kalypsys
WO/2007/076460 Raf Kalypsys
WO/2007/076360 Rho Alcon
WO/2007/076348 Aurora GSK
WO/2007/076286 IKK GSK
WO/2007/076247 PKC BI
WO/2007/076245 AZ/Array
WO/2007/076127 TGF Biogen
WO/2007/076086 TGF Biogen
WO/2007/076092 Raf Amgen
WO/2007/076087 Prolexys
WO/2007/076085 Prolexys
WO/2007/076228 ITK BI
WO/2007/076320 PKB GSK
WO/2007/076423 AKT GSK
WO/2007/075896 Kemia
WO/2007/075869 Vegf+ Ariad
WO/2007/075650 Bayer
WO/2007/075567 c-Met Jannsen
WO/2007/075783 Wyeth
WO/2007/075847 Glukokinase Takeda
WO/2007/075307 Lestaurtinib Abbott

US20070155817 PKC Novartis
US20070155816 CDK (KR)
US20070155807 [U]
US20070155794 Tec Vertex
US20070155735 Sanofi-Aventis
US20070155746 Raf Kalypsys
US20070155751 CDK S-P
US20070155764 Raf Kalypsys
US20070155776 Abbott
US20070155777 IRAK / IKK Amgen
US20070154576 ‘hops and Acacia’ Metagenics
US20070154428 alk5 Taisho Pharm


2 Responses to “The Thursday List”

  1. Wijit said

    Looks like the triazolopyridazines are looking the new hot thing for c-MET…….. what do you think?
    WO/2007/075567 c-Met Jannsen

  2. kinasepro said

    Looks a wee bit like the Vertex stuff. Vertex has them by a month, and while I don’t see too many identical examples if it comes down to it, the claim structure will likely be important, and JnJ looks fairly careful in claiming selected compounds. The JnJ app also gives IC50s.

    What I’m really wondering are two things on this app. 1) Was it a commercial screening library or did something publish around September ’05 that got both groups thinking triazolopyridazine? and 2) Who the hell uses d-Methanol for their NMRS?

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