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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on June 28, 2007

US20070149594 Raf Merck DE
US20070149572 FLT3 JnJ
US20070149561 Aurora GSK
US20070149560 Chk1 AstraZeneca
US20070149558 “Cytoprotection activity against…LY-294002” Takeda
US20070149548 Rho Alcon
US20070149546 erbB2 AstraZeneca
US20070149538 c-Kit Novartis
US20070149536 Akt Merck
US20070149535 EphB4 Oncalis
US20070149534 Trk BMS
US20070149533 Raf Millennium
US20070149523 Aurora + 4SC
US20070149521 IGF-1R + Osi
US20070149519 Ikk-e GSK
US20070149508 Abl (T315I) Targegen
US20070149506 Jak BMS
US20070149484 Zentaris
US20070149481 NAD AG

WO/2007/072158 Fak Pfizer
WO/2007/072153 PAK4 Pfizer
WO/2007/072017 Chroma Therapeutics
WO/2007/071963 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/071955 c-Fms AstraZeneca


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