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Posted by kinasepro on June 26, 2007

RSS.  Quit clicking your bookmarks and go get an RSS aggregator.  Don’t ask me how or why you just go figure it out. If C-Lo can check 600 blogs every damn day (thanks for the j/k tip), you could easily hit 50 journals.  No I’m not kidding, if your relying on lifting stacks of paper bound by glue for inspiration then your only using 10% of your brain!  Oh and Elsevier subscription only RSS sux.  Plz fix ktx.

The journals I pretend to read are sindicated in the sidebar,  here, and of course there’s a feed .

Smiles. Today smiles are here to copy and paste structures from the web, period. So Sorry.  If your not using firefox, umm start using firefox.  Yes even at work – there’s a portable app.  If you’re already on FF then you can right click an image -> click properties -> alt text: copy the smiles and paste into chemdraw, isis, etc.

Searching. I search the USPTO here (leave off the US in the number its updated ~6am est Thursday), and the WIPO here (updated thursdays when they get around to it), the PDB here (updated Tuesday, usually around 4pm est [advanced search->Ligand->smiles 4tw]) the US clinic here, and EU clinic here.


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Posted by kinasepro on June 26, 2007

Phase 2 on the doorstep, Genentech and Abbott just announced a collaboration to include development of the compound w/ backups. No terms disclosed…


Vegf, Flt3, Tie2, c-FMS, Pdgf, c-kit yadda yadda

j med chem, blood, molec cancer ther., WO/2004/113304

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