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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on June 22, 2007

US20070142412 p38 pfizer
US20070142413 Trk AZ
US20070142414 Cdk Pharmacia Italia
US20070142415 Cdk Pharmacia Italia
US20070142417 IKK-b Aventis
US20070142429 Gprk Aerie
US20070142437 Vegf CDK2 CDK4 GSK
US20070142440 Vegf Tie2 Raf Merck DE
US20070142454 CK1-e Sanofi-Aventis
US20070142476 P38 GSK
US20070142409 Tau Mitsubishi
US20070142408 alk-5 Millenium
US20070142405 p38 Novartis
US20070142402 Jak/Axl/Syk Rigel
US20070142401 PKC etc Novartis
US20070142390 c-kit, bcr-abl, FGFR3 and/or Flt-3 AB Science
US20070142388 AKT Merck
US20070142372 p38 GSK
US20070142371 p38 Bhoeringer
US20070142368 Aurora Enmd
US20070142366 Jnk Eisai
US20070142334 ZAP70 or P38 ? Vertex
US20070142305 Pdgfr-b JnJ

WO/2007/070872 Rigel
WO/2007/070514 JAK Incyte
WO/2007/070444 Lestaurtinib Abbott
WO/2007/068473 Pi3k Novartis
WO/2007/068619 Nerviano
WO/2007/068637 Nerviano
WO/2007/068728 Pfizer IT
WO/2007/070398 Erk Schering
WO/2007/070319 Wyeth
WO/2007/068894 Astra
WO/2007/068465 Roche


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