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What is Nutrigenomics?

Posted by kinasepro on June 11, 2007

So maybe you need a little more then beer, but ‘Metagenics’ is claiming to have done something statistically significant, the signifigance of which I’m less convinced of.

Metagenics’ Medical Food with Select Kinase Response Modulators (SKRMs) Has Powerful Effect on Metabolic Syndrome, Study Says

The nuts and bolts are that they extract some anti-oxidants from hops, and the acacia tree, mix it up with Tofu, and plan to sell the it as a ‘medical food’. I wonder if they fed the control group the soy w/o the extracts? You know, seeing as how plain ‘ol soy has been shown to affect metabolic syndrome… Forget about the Kinases, methinks there’s a reason they call it Meta-Research!

> Thanks TG for the heads up

>> Update 6/14/07: WO/2007/067812: Protein Kinase Modulation by Hops and Acacia Products


2 Responses to “What is Nutrigenomics?”

  1. beenthere said

    Snarky comments aside, your question re soy as a control is thought provoking. Despite the piles & piles of published research on “soy”, has anyone shown the mechanism (or mechanisms) by which “soy” provides its beneficial effects? Is the role of soy as an “anti-oxidant” (whatever that means) a sufficient explanation? Furthermore, what exactly is the chemical composition of “soy”? Is it possible that there are “actives” in soy or perhaps even synergistic effects among these actives? If there are “actives” in soy, could it be that there are other common-place raw materials that are enriched in the same “actives” found in soy. Perhaps these “Meta-Researchers” have some data addressing these questions?

  2. kinasepro said


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