Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.


Posted by kinasepro on June 7, 2007

>> update >> the compound’s in Ph1, and while they haven’t released the structure, below is my guess.

WO/2007/063384 is a ‘salts and solvates’ app of the pictured compound. It’s a FAK inhibitor, which you’ll likely hear about from Gordon.


Discovery application WO/2004/056807.

3 Responses to “PF-562,271”

  1. MikeyMedchem said

    Did you see: Journal of Biological Chemistry (2007), 282(20), 14845-14852? There a closely related structure published…wonder which one is the candidate.

  2. kinasepro said

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. chemspiderman said

    I think you are right about the structure. I found it on ChemSpider here: and this links out via the MeSH section to here:

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