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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on June 7, 2007

US20070128709 JAK2 X-ray Cytopia
US20070129354 P38 GSK
US20070129360 Rigel SYK
US20070129362 Rigel SYK
US20070129364 IGF-1R etc. Osi
US20070129365 Sanofi-Aventis
US20070129372 P38 Merck
US20070129387 2171 AstraZeneca
US20070129404 Rho
US20070129895 Cytopia JAK2 X-ray
US20070129896 Cytopia JAK2 X-ray

WO/2007/062459 Cytopia JAK2
WO/2007/062805 VEGF + EPHB Novartis
WO/2007/063291 ERBB2 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/063384 FAK Pfizer
WO/2007/064045 Takeda JP
WO/2007/064719 Novartis (Chiron)
WO/2007/064753 Pazopanib GSK
WO/2007/064797 c-Met Vertex
WO/2007/064872 VEGF + Bayer (cMet Trk?)
WO/2007/064883 VEGF + Bayer
WO/2007/064931 VEGF + Bayer
WO/2007/064932 Aurora Bayer
WO/2007/064993 IGF-1R etc. OSI
WO/2007/065100 c-Met BMS


2 Responses to “The Thursday List”

  1. wijit said

    Any background or insight into the Vertex c-MET application WO/2007/064797? Is the triazolopyridazine interacting with the hinge?

  2. kinasepro said

    Looking at it now… yah thats new, eh?
    548 examples, most less then 400 mw

    I’ll post something if anything comes to mind… ideas welcome: here or email.

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