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Peer-Review is Over-Rated

Posted by kinasepro on May 31, 2007

Putting a kinase domain on the cover is going to get a little attention, but putting this in the abstract is like sending an invitation to amateur hour:

…The success of recent launches of protein kinase inhibitors (Gleevec, Imatinib, Sutent, Iressa, Nexavar, Sprycel) gave another push to this field…

Gleevec is imatinib, I think they ment Tarceva. They missed Tykerb, and yeh they submitted the manuscript before Tyk’s approval, but this very fact outmodes the entry before its even published 😦 They also mispell sprycell in table 1. I could go on, but I’m sort of on the fence whether I like the paper or not. Read it yourself and you decide.


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