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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on May 10, 2007

US20070105839 ALK Novartis
US20070105850 p38 GSK
US20070105859 mek
US20070105860 p38 GSK
US20070105876 Bayer
US20070105864 AKT, Checkpoint kinase, Aurora kinase, Pim-1 Schering
US20070105900 cdk, gsk, aurora Astex

WO/2007/053844 syk Rigel
WO/2007/053776 JAK SGX
WO/2007/053765 GLUCOKINASE JnJ
WO/2007/053657 GLUCOKINASE JnJ
WO/2007/053574 Sorafenib Bayer
WO/2007/053573 Sorafenib Bayer
WO/2007/053503 GLUCOKINASE JnJ
WO/2007/053452 Jak TARGEGEN
WO/2007/053394 p38 Lilly
WO/2007/053343 Abl + novartis / TSRI
WO/2007/052850 kit + angio = use patent Esai
WO/2007/051735 ?? Roche


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