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PDB Update

Posted by kinasepro on April 24, 2007

>> Update >> Biochemistry article on the Plk1 structure.

Woohoo! First published kinase domain Plk1 structures from Pfizer:

2OWB Plk1 w/ pyrrolopyrazole inhibitor
2OU7 Plk1 w/ ANP

and a Chk1 structure from Merck: 2HOG; BMCL

4 Responses to “PDB Update”

  1. I don’t see any phosphorylations on either structure – reckon this the active form of the kinase KP? Or is it a S/T—>D mutant they are using?

  2. kinasepro said

    You’re more observant then I am, Its the T210V mutant.

  3. viledonkey said

    Interestingly, the N-Me piperazine analogue of the Plk-1 compound already exists in the PDB (2j4z) but in Aurora-A.

  4. kinasepro said

    Good call. It’s PHA-680626 from a Pharmacia, now Nerviano series.

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