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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on April 19, 2007

This here’s gonna make for a busy weekend.

US20070087393 ZAP-70 Assay…
US20070088019 Gsk3 &/or PKC J&J
US20070088031 Gsk3 GSK
US20070088033 p38 Pharmacia
US20070088037 TGFb Pfizer
US20070088041 Gsk3 Sanofi-aventis
US20070088044 EGFR AstraZeneca
US20070088051 Boehringer Ingelheim
US20070088080 Gsk3 Neuropharma

WO/2007/042298 Syk GSK
WO/2007/042299 Syk GSK
WO/2007/042321 AGC Devgen
WO/2007/042784 Cyclacel
WO/2007/042786 Cyclacel
WO/2007/042806 LIFCR +
WO/2007/042810 Astellas +
WO/2007/044050 IKK BMS
WO/2007/044084 Mek Array
WO/2007/044401 CDK Schering
WO/2007/044407 Schering
WO/2007/044410 Schering
WO/2007/044420 CDK Schering
WO/2007/044426 Schering
WO/2007/044441 Schering
WO/2007/044449 Schering
WO/2007/044515 Mek Exelixis
WO/2007/044698 PI3Kα Exelixis
WO/2007/044724 Pim1 Exelixis
WO/2007/044729 PI3K Exelixis
WO/2007/044779 Takeda
WO/2007/044813 PI3Kα Exelixis
WO/2007/044932 Methods… ActiveSite


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