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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on April 12, 2007

US20070083044 CDK Chk Schering-Plough
US20070082906 Akt Merck
US20070082902 CDK Chk Schering-Plough
US20070082901 CDK Chk Schering-Plough
US20070082900 CDK Chk Schering-Plough
US20070082898 p38 Astex
US20070082884 Rsk (Covalent) UCSF
US20070082880 PKC theta Wyeth

WO/2007/041712 CDK Chk Schering-Plough
WO/2007/041379 Met BMS
WO/2007/041365 glucokinase Novartis
WO/2007/041358 Aurora Miikana
WO/2007/041195 AKT GSK3 Janssen
WO/2007/041130 Jak Vertex
WO/2007/040440 GSK3β AZ
WO/2007/040439 AZ
WO/2007/040438 AZ
WO/2007/040436 AZ
WO/2007/040208 p38 Ono
WO/2007/039285 Mk2 Novartis
WO/2007/039216 Novartis

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