Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.

The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on April 5, 2007

US20070078136 MK2 BMS
US20070078159 c-Kit
US20070078146 p38 Pharmacia
US20070078140 c-Met BMS
US20070078132 EGF+ JnJ
US20070078131 p38 Celltech
US20070078121 Raf+

WO/2007/036053 Ste20 Ottowa Health Research Inst
WO/2007/036630 C-Met Aventis
WO/2007/036713 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/036717 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/036732 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/036791 p38 Ranbaxy
WO/2007/038215 Jak Incyte
WO/2007/038251 Scripps
WO/2007/038314 MK2 BMS
WO/2007/038331 hYAK3 GSK
WO/2007/038519 Wyeth
WO/2007/038648 BMS
WO/2007/038669 c-Kit Novartis


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