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Schering’s latest CDK stuff

Posted by kinasepro on March 27, 2007

Schering-Plough has a series of CDK inhibitors of which the latest installment is: US20070066621. Earlier app’s in this series appear as a combined effort via SP and PCOP, and Pharmacopeia has a press release suggesting that the collaboration has an oncology candidate in Ph1. Hrmph, No ph1 oncology trials via ScheringP in the US and the press on this stuff is a little thin.


Vernalis described related series’ in Bioorg Med Chem Lett ’05, 863; 1Y8Y 1Y91 and Bioorg Med Chem Lett ’06, 1353; 2C68, 2C69, 2C6T, 2C6O, 2C6M, 2C6L, 2C6K, 2C6I

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