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Amgen ‘n’ IRAK-4

Posted by kinasepro on February 20, 2007

Irak-4? Yah I never heard of it either, but the IRAKs appear to be immunology targets for which Amgen is way out in front. They’ve got a nice paper in Structure, a Biorg. Med. Chem. Lett., and 2 PDB’s: 2NRU, 2NRY.

At first look I was mesmerized by the tyrosine gatekeeper but a second glance on looking over the recent CIP: US20070037803 shows something interesting.


they suggest as much in the BMCL.


One Response to “Amgen ‘n’ IRAK-4”

  1. One learns to identify that backbone binding motif almost by reflex action…

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