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DNA ‘n’ Aurora

Posted by kinasepro on February 17, 2007

KP first looked at the series back in October when it was Roche flying solo, but US20070037791 appears to be a Roche / Genentech collaboration. While the original series was established in Germany these compounds look to be stamped: Made in California.


Roche app’s: WO/2006/133885, WO/2006/108489, WO/2006/063841, WO/2006/032519, WO/2006/032518

One Response to “DNA ‘n’ Aurora”

  1. milkshake said

    Yep, very much Aurora-like. People from Nerviano had a poster in San Francisco about Aurora compound that look very similar – the seven-membered ring was replaced with six-membered ring and chlorine was in place of the lactam. I noticed this Nerviano-Aurora poster because we used to be part of the same comapny with them and now here in Florida we saw the same HTS hit (without chlorine) showing up in high nanomolar range, but for a different kinase. It took some effort to explain our biology bosses the rationale for not working on such structure.

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