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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on February 9, 2007

    US applications:

20070031956 PIM1 Xray
20070032403 ITK Xray BI
20070032478 Allergan
20070032487 Pi3K Novartis
20070032492 P38 BI
20070032495 CDK2 Schering-Plough
20070032501 Lexicon
20070032507 PKC Novartis
20070032508 EGFR AstraZeneca
20070032512 EGFR OSI
20070032513 EGFR AstraZeneca
20070032514 Aurora BI
20070032515 Alk Exelixis
20070032518 CDK2 CDK5 AMGEN
20070032519 c-fms Plexxicon
20070032528 Vegf FGF Novartis/chiron

    World Applications

WO/2007/016674 Lexicon
WO/2007/016392 BMS
WO/2007/016286 Janssen
WO/2007/016228 Novartis
WO/2007/015923 VERTEX
WO/2007/015871 Novartis
WO/2007/015877 P38 KALYPSYS
WO/2007/015837 Chk1 Merck & Co
WO/2007/015064 AstraZeneca
WO/2007/014707 Roche


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