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LX1032 ?

Posted by kinasepro on February 9, 2007

While not telling us which one they had a ‘protein kinase’ application publish today.

WO/2007/016674 or US20070032501

I’m guessing AKT PH domain


13 examples, 7 authors.

I don’t know enough about the biology to know if AKT inhibition leads to reduced peripheral serotonin levels. If so, I’d say a few puzzle pieces are falling together.

3 Responses to “LX1032 ?”

  1. Isn’t AKT a serine/threonine kinase?

  2. Kinasepro said

    I guess your saying I should lay off the prognostication after midnight?

  3. kinasepro said

    So I looked at the application again, and they don’t claim these as tyrosine kinase inhibitors, just protien kinase inhibitors. The nod to AKT PH domain is just that to me the compounds look like they could be in the same genre as the Merck stuff – not the example from this post, just struck me as similar from memory, and knowing Lexicon’s penchant for hiding the target they wouldn’t publish reference to the target unless it helped them confuse the issue. Scifinder suggests to me that it could otherwise be CDK1, and with Dave’s experience with the CDK’s at BMS that wouldn’t surprise me either. Thanks TM for helping get facts straight – I’ll update the post when I get ’round to it.

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