Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.

The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on February 1, 2007

WO/2007/014250 ABL Vertex
WO/2007/013673 Lck Astellas
WO/2007/013964 Aurora Sunesis
WO/2007/012422 RHO Sanofi-Aventis
WO/2007/012421 RHO Sanofi-Aventis
EP1746097 Aurora Sanofi-Aventis
WO/2007/013896 cKit Plexxicon

US Applications:

US20070027149 FGF Pfizer (Sugen)
US20070027318 Kirin Beer
US20070027319 J&J Pyrimidine Process
US20070027166 Aurura Sunesis
US20070027145 Vegf
US20070027147 CDK
US20070026512 Zap70 XRay Novartis


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