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Speed has some wisdom for you.

Posted by kinasepro on January 23, 2007

With the many layoffs over the last months, and damnit even years, I’m sure many are wondering: Is science still a viable profession?

Here’s what C. S. “Speed” Marvel has to say on the issue.

…the business cycle slumped. Companies made less profits. Research began to be curtailed and abandoned by some of the major chemical companies…

Both the universities and the chemical industry must take part of the blame for the sudden overproduction of chemists. Industry has been demanding more chemists and universities expanded to produce them. The quality of chemists dipped some, I’m sure, because many students went into the field expecting it to be a profitable one rather than because it was the one they really enjoyed. It still is necessary, to be a good chemist, that one find fun in the job. There are many professions that pay better but few where the worker can enjoy his daily job as much as a good research man can.

I am confident that Chemistry will again be a profession where one can work, make a respectable living and have fun on the job.

Did I mention he gave this talk in 1976? Read it for a little historical perspective.

7 Responses to “Speed has some wisdom for you.”

  1. Same shit, different decade….it’s all a bit depressing at the moment isn’t it?

  2. and exactly why Pfizer feel the need to cut costs having just posted a 19 billion dollar profit escapes me…..Lipitor blah blah patent expiry blah blah….

  3. weirdo said

    This is clearly something that needed to be done. With declining sales on the horizon, and a pretty dry pipeline, what did you expect them to do, wait until the s*** hit the fan?

    Nice gift for the former Warner Lambert site, huh? Thanks for Lipitor guys, now you’re fired . . .

  4. tom bartlett said

    Of course, they wouldn’t EVER trim the unproductive Groton site, would they? Word on the street is that the good people had already been forced out Ann Arbor, as of, like a year ago.

    Bummer that ousting McKinnell didn’t cure PFE’s atherosclerosis.

  5. milkshake said

    I guess they don’t need to discover their own drugs…

  6. tom bartlett said

    “I guess they don’t need to discover their own drugs…”

    I think that pretty much “nails” their new business model….

  7. weirdo said

    Fact is that they have been trimming at the Groton site, just not cutting the whole thing. Seen any biologists/pharmacologists involved in inflammation at Groton lately?

    Ann Arbor was a juicy target because it was large enough to matter. La Jolla wouldn’t have saved enough money to bother with, although there will be some small cuts there, as well.

    Nasty, nasty, nasty.

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