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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on January 18, 2007

US20070015748 Vegf? Allergan
US20070015776 Vegf? Allergan
US20070015819 IKK; AstraZeneca
US20070015743 EGF; AstraZeneca
US20070015756 Vegf; GSK
US20070015752 Kinex
US20070015759 PLK; Schering AG
US20070015760 BMS
US20070015775 EGF; GSK
US20070015779 P38 + HMGCOA?
US20070015794 Vegf; Schering AG
US20070015802 CDK ; Nicholas Primal
US20070015207 FAK; J&J

WO/2007/008985 Allergan
WO/2007/008895 Allergan
WO/2007/008664 Allergan
WO/2007/008917 Deciphera
WO/2007/008514 GSK3; Georgetown University
WO/2007/007919 Jak3; Astellas
WO/2007/006926 IKK; Sanofi-Aventis
WO/2007/006566 GSK3; Abbott GMBH
WO/2007/006533 Novartis

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