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Kinase Pill Cures Radiation Sickness!

Posted by kinasepro on January 15, 2007

At least thats how I read the article on Humanetics’ IND approval for BIO300 but I’m a little biased. Somewhere in the press release and website they claim a kinase may be involved, so of course I want to know what it is. Well indications are that it’s an isoflavonoid from US20040238781:


oh well

…the isoflavonoid(s) is selected from the group consisting of genistin, genistein, 6″-O-Mal genistein, 6″-O-Ac genistein, daidzein, 6″-O’Mal daidzein, 6″-O-Ac daidzein, glycitein, glycitin, 6″-O-Mal glycitin, biochannin A, formononetin, and mixtures thereof. In some embodiments, the isofiavonoid(s) is an antioxidant. In still further embodiments, the isoflavonoid(s) has estrogenic activity, while in alternative embodiments, the isoflavonoid(s) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Long and the short of it is that I’ll be eating and drinking all the wine and dark chocolate I can get my hands on post nuclear holocost, and you should too. mmmk?


3 Responses to “Kinase Pill Cures Radiation Sickness!”

  1. Maybe a DNA-PK inhibitor?

  2. Kinasepro said

    I was thinking they’re just antioxidants… I mean the company that licensed this stuff probably wouldn’t know a facs machine from a fax machine.

    Sure isoflavanoids bind weakly to all sorts of stuff, but I doubt thats driving biological activity.

  3. Ryan K. said

    Technically, couldn’t you just eat tofu to cure radiation sickness then?

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