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The Thursday List

Posted by kinasepro on January 11, 2007

US20070010668 Plk1 GSK
US20070010569 angio Sugen
US20070010556 Chk1 AZ
US20070010540 cFMS xray
US20070010529 p38
US20070010488 ?
US20070010510 SRC +
US20070010529 p38
US20070010534 Tie2 GSK
US20070010537 CDK2, 5 TAKEDA JP
US20070010548 Pi3K Zentaris
US20070010560 RAF Merck DE
US20070010565 Plk1 ?DE

WO/2007/004749 VEGF Takeda
WO/2007/005630 BMS
WO/2007/005631 BMS
WO 2007/005709 BMS
WO 2007/005708 BMS
WO 2007/005707 BMS
WO/2007/005668 Lck+ Amgen
WO/2007/005673 GNF
WO/2007/005634 Chk1 GSK

FR  2888239  IKK Sanofi-Aventis

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Posted by kinasepro on January 11, 2007

Helluva week for Genentech

1) Partners up XL518

2) Makes Fortune’s #2

3) Boasts at JP Morgan: ‘We’ve got too much money’

4) Loses a Supreme Court decision vs. Medimmune

5) Submits year end 8k

6) Buys Amphora’s “unnamed” (AKT) program.

…Genentech will purchase Amphora’s entire program for an unnamed oncology target with the potential to treat multiple oncology indications. Other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Not partner mind you: purchase. Amphora’s most recent AKT application is WO/2006/020767. Chiron appears to have the closest AKT examples in WO/2005/095386 included for the helluvit.


>> UPDATE 5/1/07 >> Genentech is now listed as an applicant the Amphora application: WO/2006/020767. Other Amphora ‘ATP-Utilizing Enzyme Inhibitors: ‘WO/2005/033102 & WO/2005/097758 (same inventors)

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