Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.

A look back

Posted by kinasepro on January 1, 2007

Check out the most accessed articles from:

The ACS journals.
ScienceDirect (Bioorg Med Chem, TL, Drug Disc Today, etc.)
ChemMedChem, Angew Chem Int Ed
KinasePro: Consistantly it’s this P38 link.

Not far back enough? Check Berichte 1868-1901

Here’s how some of the companies with a Kinase discovery engine did in ’06:

CELG +96% (On the strength of thalidomide not the Jnk stuff.)
ARRY +85% (AZD6244)
MRK +45%
RIGL +37% (R788)
VRTX +30% lots
BAY +26%
BMY +23%
SGP +21%
PCOP +21%
ABT +19%
CYCC +18%
SRA +13%
AZN +10%
PFE +8%
JNJ +8%
CEPH +8%
BIIB +8%
WYE +7%
MLNM +6.6%
SNSS +4%
GSK +2.3%
SNY +2.1%
SUPG -2.3%
VRX -4%
LEXG -7.2%
LLY -9.7%
ARIA -15%
DNA -15%
AMGN -15%
GENZ -16%
ENMD -19%
EXEL -21%
ONXX -64% (the melanoma failure)

Oh yah, and Happy New Year!


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