Kinase Chemistry – Just a year and a half behind the times.


Posted by kinasepro on December 16, 2006

WTF J&J, Oxime-aldehydes? FLT3, TRKb, cKit inhibitors… Shinogi has some related EGF compounds: WO2006106721, and there’s a Biorg Med Chem Lett with the motif in CDK so its not unheard of. Quinazoline isosteres… Cool.


Update >> There’s a couple other relatives that make this a family of applications which all published last Thursday:



This looks like the primary series, and the aniline appears to dial in TRKB – albeit not all that dramatically: US20060281772




Hmm… is LG293 TRKb?


2 Responses to “US20060281764”

  1. I think the oxime ether is just a carbonyl isostere, or used to block metabolism, although its possible they are doing something else here.

    Drug Disc Today, 2004, Vol.9, p 1020-1028 on page 1024

    Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2005, Vol 12, 23-49 on page 44.

  2. kinasepro said

    just found a J&J BMCL on the motif in VEGF.

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