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Monday night OT

Posted by kinasepro on December 12, 2006

Being an arrogant prick most of the time means sometimes haveing to say your sorry…

Or something like that anyways. Blogging about chem-blogging is topic which lies outside the scope of this blog, but it is an important enough, so here’s another post on the subject.

You see given the buzz, I was under the mistaken impression that Google was interested in taking an active role in becoming an informatics platform for chemistry and that they would be giving InchI some sort of special treatment. This caused yours truly a series of blinding headaches, sleepless nights, and the constant refrain of “why, why, oh please God why ?” in my acheing head. The situation is unfortunately even more dire as I gather they’re just going to kick back.


Chem-bla-ics suggests tagging via: <span class=”smiles”>CCO</span>

My own experimentation shows that google doesn’t index picture descriptions or ‘alt text’, or whatever you want to call it, it’s the text that you can tag images with in HTML via:

<img src=http://xyz.gif&#8221; alt=“description”/>

or more completely as in this post:

<img src=”; alt=”C1(NN=C2C3=CC(OCCN4CCCCC4)=CC=C3)=C2C=C(C5=NN=CN5)C=C1″ height=”249″ width=”258″ />

Interestingly both Technorati and WordPress do indeed index this alt text! Holy cow, That is good news kinasefans. Not great news mind you but still interesting. You can pull up the description tag by right clicking on the picture and clicking ‘properties’ in firefox. In IE its float-over text, I’m not sure how to copy it simply. The strings can be used to paste structures into Chemdraw (ctrl-alt-p), so for now given that there is some utility, I may well do my part by tagging images thusly. Substructure searching will have to wait for another day.


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