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Posted by kinasepro on December 8, 2006

Roche Palo Alto is among the stubborn faithful, in not giving up on P38 just yet. Is this application part of the RO4402257 family? Could be, but for one reason or another the Roche P38 compounds haven’t been lighting up the KinasePro interestmeter of late.

These published first a while back: WO2004014907


>> update 12/16: Again KP is a little slow. I’m guessing RO4402257 = R1503?


3 Responses to “US20060276646”

  1. jim said

    (From a kinase novice)
    Does anyone know: Are the p38 problems mechanism-based? Any known exceptions? Thanks for help to anyone who can offer it.

  2. weirdo said

    Although no one knows for sure, if I were a betting man, I’d say p38 is one of those targets that is just too important to hit. Kind of like, oh, say, the glucocorticoid receptor. Lots of failed companies (and a few careers) focused on one of those two targets. Oh, sure, inhibitors do great things in your animal models. But for chronic, systemic, administration?

    Uh, no, thanks.

  3. kinasepro said

    I’m tempted to side with the people who think that its just a bad target, but the fact that some really brilliant people are still allowing companies like Roche, Vertex, and others to squander vast sums of money and resources on trying to get a drug out of it makes me wonder.

    Also, unless they’re not giving us the whole story – Vertex’s VX-702 is full guns blazing in phase 2. I wouldn’t put money up against Vertex, but P38 compounds have failed in phase 3, so we’ll see…

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