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Posted by kinasepro on December 7, 2006

These are Wyeth’s EKB569 analogs which are covalent inhibitors of EGF.
There’s a cystine residue in proximity which adds 1,4 to the butenamide.



US20060270669 Process for making these sorts of things.
US20060270668 Other process for making these sorts of things.


5 Responses to “US20060270670”

  1. sks said

    Is there a methylene group between the thiol activating dimethyl amine and the michael receptor?

  2. kinasepro said

    Hah! They didn’t look quite right to me either, and I held off on calling these irreversible since it struck me as a potentially novel way of getting an thioaminal covalent yet reversible inhibitor… Hey why not, eh? There should indeed be a methylene and I’ll fix that if I haven’t already by the time you read this. Pfizer’s got one of these kinds of things in the clinic too, named Canertinib (sans amine). Here’s a free link to a relevant article:

  3. Radiochemist said

    Either the structure or the patents you refer to is wrong. The scaffold is based on a 3 cyanoquinolines, NOT a quinazolinescaffold as in your picture. Just to be correct! =)

  4. kinasepro said

    –Updated–Thanks for the correction – boy I made a mess of this one.

  5. […] favourite amino acid Filed under: Med. Chem., Chemistry — sks @ 3:04 pm Sometime back kinasepro (updated link) included this irreversible inhibitor developed by researchers at Wyeth in the […]

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